"Many people would love to renovate their homes so they have exactly what they want, but there are two big fears that usually get in the way: the fear that what’s behind the walls isn’t the quality expected and the fear of endless delays. With Trent Wahl, you can put your fears to rest. Trent recently did my major renovation (gutting of existing property, second floor addition and all new interior and exterior). My house is quite simply a show place—it is gorgeous! And best of all, it was completed within one day of Trent’s original schedule, despite the fact that I threw several unexpected complications his way. Furthermore, one only needs to walk through the house to feel how solidly it is built. The workmanship throughout is excellent. And setting the stage for it all is the top notch design done by Trent’s in-house architect, Stan. Renovations are by nature stressful, but with Trent, it is as good an experience as you can have and the final product is well worth it. Look no further than TW Homes."

— Julie N.                                  

"Trent and his team did an excellent job on our home renovation.  You will find Trent to be very straightforward and honest.  He is responsive and patient. The quality of work is outstanding.  It far exceeded our expectations. Our project was even completed early. We are more than pleased with the result and are so happy we went with Trent and his team. I would highly recommend them."

— Kimberly H.                                  

"Trent and his team were great to work with from concept/design to building our dream home. Trent helped us while we were still looking at houses by walking through the possibilities of renovations before we even purchased a home. They are pros at the permit process and built a very detailed project plan to walk us through every step of the process. Even when parts of the process took longer to complete than estimated, the crew was able to make up that time and ensure we still met all deadlines (including our move in date). In addition to the build, Trent was there to help make suggestions on selections from counter-tops to tiles to lighting. When we struggled with decisions (ugh, lighting), the team was able to draw ideas from their previous jobs to provide suggestions that matched the look and style we had envisioned for our home. The team's attention to detail is amazing and they only accept the best of quality from their team and suppliers. Any issues were fixed right away without hesitation. We have now been in our new home for almost two months and couldn't be happier!!"

— Sara R.   

"My husband and I hired Trent Wahl Homes to do a complete, full-house renovation in 2014.  The entire experience, as well as the results, were beyond our expectations.  We met several times before the renovation to discuss what we wanted.  Trent listened and incorporated our ideas into the project, as well as making helpful suggestions based on his extensive experience.  We received a detailed project plan that indicated when each specific part of the renovation would start and end.  Trent completed our renovation on budget and a bit early.  The quality is first rate and he stands behind his work.  We are so happy with the results, we've hired him to build a garage and outdoor living space.  We never even considered talking to other renovators.

Trent Wahl is the exact opposite of all the horror stories you've heard.  He gives contractors and renovators a good name.  He is honest and reliable - one of the reasons we hired him initially was that he never missed a deadline in competing for our business.  If he promised something by a certain date, it was there without exception.  When you hire a contractor, you are hiring his skill, but also his character.  You won't find a better example of either than with Trent Wahl and Trent Wahl Homes."


— Randy C.